World’s Best Spots For An Amazing Honeymoon

Your honeymoon is probably the best and most memorable trip you go on with your significant other. Choose the destination according to your interests and likes. Here are a few locations that are a favorite of many.

1. Egypt


Channel your inner Indiana Jones here. It is a great place for history lovers. Explore the rich history of the site together. Egypt boasts of attractions like hieroglyphs, mummies, temples, and the pyramids. A tour of these places will keep you and your partner engaged. Honeymoon activities include sand boarding, visiting the coast of the Red Sea, the ancient church, and the art galleries. Do not give Egyptian delicacies a miss.

2. Maldives


The island has been a hot favorite of many honeymoon goers alike for decades. The whimsical coral reefs and the deep blue sea make it the perfect honeymoon destination. Si on some delicious local cocktails and unwind at the beach resort while you’re there. Water-skiing, water-boarding, and air surfing are some activities you could try there.

3. Ladakh


The mountainous region offers great trekking tracks for couples to explore and kindle their adventurous side. The rocky terrain outposts, white washed gompas are a must see. Couples can have a great time camping by the lakes and see the skies filled with stars in the night. Ladakh’s cuisine draws influence from Indian and Tibetan cuisines. Have fun trying yak milk and eating local cheeses while you’re there.

4. Kashmir


This pristine land offers the best views all year round. The Dal lake is a major tourist attraction. A houseboat ride is the most romantic thing you can have here as a couple. Destinations like Gulmarg, Nubra Valley, Leh, Ladakh, and Jammu are perfect for nature lovers and adventure junkies. The Pangong Lake is a must visit if you are on your first trip to the place. Do not forget to buy some juicy apples there.

5. Seychelles


This place is a visual treat with an eclectic mix of stunning beaches, vibrant culture and incredible sea activities.

6. Andaman


Explore the untouched beaches and gorgeous greenery of this place. This famous destination offers fun water sports like snorkeling, seabed walking, scuba diving. Spend a delightful evening at the beach, watching the sun go down as you clink your beer bottles to celebrate togetherness.

7. Greece


This is slowly becoming a favorite destination for honeymoon goers. Located in the Southern part of Europe, Greece has extensive and unexplored coastlines that are buzzing with marine activity. The blue seabed, ancient ruins, old cities and the delicious Mediterranean food is what brings the crowd to this place year after year. Do try the locally brewed coffee there and taste their fabulous local cuisine. Newlyweds can wander through the enthralling vineyards. For stunning seascapes, white sand beaches and picturesque views, couples must not miss out the beautiful islands in Greece.