A Woman Was Harassed By Auto Drivers Because She Called A Cab.

Since the origin of online cab services, our lives have become easier. Mainly, because of the online payment facility,the availability of cabs at every point of an hour and being chepear than autos. And like most of us ,Vidya Gopalakrishnan in Kerala, apparently booked a cab from the Ernakulam railway station to Kakkanad, only to be stopped by auto drivers who asked her to get off.


A group of drivers kept harassing the girl and driver asking her to get down or else will drag down the lugguage. Inspite of her telling these guys that she feels more safer in travelling with cabs, these guys threatened the cab driver.


They argued that outside cabs are not allowed and there is a written rule set by Transport Commission which disallows hiring of such cabs. Later, the police had to intervene to resolve the matter. However the policemen present there advocated her to abate. She then contacte another police man who supported and favoured the cab driver.
In the end, Vidya won and she filmed all the harassing which she later posted on youtube.

kudos to the cab driver and Vidya for sticking to their ground agaisnt these illiterate bullies.