This Gutsy Kerala Woman Gets Her Online Abuser To Pay Rs 25,000 To Charity Home

Out of nowhere, when you get a phone call and asked questions like “When can I meet you?”, “What is your “rate”?, “Shall I book a hotel room?”, etc., you will definitely be shocked.

Sreelakshmi Satheesh, a CEO of an educational consultancy firm in Kerala and a motivational speaker, had a harrowing experience when she recently got a call from an unknown number, and questions of similar tonality were shot at her.  But that was not the end of it. After getting incessant phone calls that propositioned her, she did something amazing. Here is how she gave it back!

Kerala woman Gets Her Online Abuser To Pay Rs 25,000 To Charity Home

Her phone rang a number of times, all unknown numbers. When she chose not to attend the calls, was bombarded with texts asking for her ‘rate’.  At first, she ignored the comments and decided to switch off her phone. The “rate” had by then reached Rs 25,000. Sreelakshmi was shocked, but, not for long. Then she decided to act.

It wasn’t a tough task for Sreelakshmi to find out how her number got circulated among men, who were looking for sexual favors. She turned her phone on, dialed one of the numbers from which she had gotten a call earlier and spoke to the fellow who answered with nauseating enthusiasm. He shuddered when Sreelakshmi told him about her profile and soon began begging for forgiveness. He shared the screenshot of the conversation in a Whatsapp group where a man posted her number referring to her as a “super item”.

As it turned out, the person behind this whole fiasco was no stranger. In fact, he was a close acquaintance and also the regional secretary of the youth wing of a national party. Not fearing the consequences, she decided to file a FIR against the person. When the news reached the party members, they requested her to drop the case. Satheesh agreed, however, she asked the accused to be expelled from the party–which did not happen.

However, after receiving no response until 8 pm on Thursday, Sreelakshmi decided to file a FIR. Soon after, the father of the accused approached Sreelakshmi to apologize and request her not to go ahead with her complaint. Sreelakshmi was also a little apprehensive about filing a case because the man in question is a politician and she was concerned about her safety.

So Sreelakshmi came up with another solution — she asked the old man to make his son donate Rs 25,000 to any charitable organization and submit the receipt as proof. The man did so and produced a receipt as proof.

Kerala woman Gets Her Online Abuser To Pay Rs 25,000 To Charity Home (3)

After it was all over, Sreelakshmi took to Facebook to share the incident with the world. The post soon went viral and was congratulated for the way she handled the situation.

Here’s Sreelakshmi’s full Facebook post in Malayalam:

She is an inspiration to all of us! What do you say?