9 Things That A Bride Shouldn’t do Before Her Wedding

1. Have A Pre-Wedding Shoot Too Close To The Wedding

A pre-wedding very close to the wedding date shoot is not easy. It involves long hours of standing in the sun. This will leave you feeling tired, drained of energy and you might get a bad sunburn or get tanned. It is okay if you have not done a pre-wedding shoot. You can always do one after the wedding as man and wife which is actually more intimate.

2. Wear The Wedding Shoes At The Last Moment

Shoes in general need a little getting used to before we are comfortable in them and you really do not want a shoe bite to ruin your wedding day. Choose the perfect fit for you, wear them a few times much before the wedding and walk in them to get comfortable with them.

3. Getting A Last Minute Facial Is A Big No-No!

Do not try anything new with just a few weeks left for the d-day! Trying a new facial on your skin may lead to irritation and soreness. This will literally leave you red faced for the wedding. If there is any facial, chemical peel or laser treatment you want to get, make sure you get it done at least a good one month before the wedding date.

4. Get Your Eyebrows Done With A Few Days Left

This is probably one of the most important things you should be careful about. Give yourself enough time for any corrections, if they may arise.

5. Don’t Forget To Check The Weather Report

It is always good to have a plan B ready for a grand and a once in a life time occasion like a wedding.

6. Eat Anything That Will Make You Sick

Junk food and foods that you know can make you sick must be avoided. Try avoiding alcohol, smoking or foods that may strain your teeth right before the wedding.

7. Stay Awake For Long Hours

Getting a good night’s sleep everyday is very important for a bride-to-be. You wouldn’t want to wake up dull and exhausted on your wedding day.

8. Follow New Fitness Routines and Diets

Refrain from aggressive and new fitness routines as you may exhaust or hurt yourself trying something new. Do not start a new diet all of a sudden. Stick to eating healthy foods and foods that are light on the stomach.

9. Go Out In The Sun Without SPF

You do not want a nasty sunburn, rash or a tan just days before the wedding. Take precautions by drinking loads of water and applying the right amount of SPF before stepping out in the sun.