8 Things To Keep In Mind Before Checking Into A Hostel Or As A Paying Guest

The love for travel can take you many places. Sometimes, known and sometimes unknown. And if you are a lone desi traveller, there are a few things you must keep in mind before checking into a Hostel, Hotel or AirBnB.

1. Cleanliness and safety are top priority so double check these before checking in.

2. Small places of stay may seem shady. It’s better to stay in a better reviewed place even if it might cost you extra bucks.

3. Carry your own sheets while checking into hostels.

4. Be sure to carry sanitizers and anti-bacterial spray.

5. Anyone could be your roommate, so do not get too attached.

6. Keep in mind of the overhead costs too. You might have to pay extra for your luggage or WiFi sometimes.

7. First time women travellers might want to choose women-friendly hostels.

8. Always review the room before settling in.