5 Popular Myths About Virginity You Need To Stop Believing In Right Now

In a country where sex is not talked about in the open, there ought to be several myths surrounding it. There is no exact definition for virginity, and there are several misconceptions about it. Here are some myths about virginity that you must stop believing in right now.

1. You lose your virginity when your hymen breaks.

The hymen is a delicate membrane that is easily prone to breakage or damage. One can damage the hymen by doing strenuous activities like cycling, running or exercising. This clearly has nothing to do with your virginity.

2. Your first time in bed will hurt, and you will bleed.

This is not true at all. If your hymen is already broken, you might not even bleed, and the pain may not be because of the hymen at all. Different individuals experience it differently, and it depends on factors like arousal and lubrication.

3. Being a virgin after a certain age is weird.

This is definitely bullcrap. Only you have the right to do whatever you want with your body, and only you are the judge of it. Do not let peer pressure get the best of you.

4. You will lose your virginity by using tampons.

Clearly, one has to insert a tampon and it may hurt the hymen while doing so. This has nothing to do with virginity.

5. You should only do with your loved one.

There are no set rules when it comes to having sex. You know you well, and you know best what your body wants. It is not going to be any different with multiple partners unless you know what you want best. And again, this has nothing to do with the feeling of guilt or the fear of losing your virginity. Do you!