5 Easy Ways To Strengthen Nails

Nail breakage, weak or brittle nails are related to iron deficiency or might be because of those excessive emails you’ve been typing away. We give you five celebrity manicurist approved ways to strengthen your nails.

1. Use a glass file.

Glass files only allow you to file nails in one direction, reducing the damage to the nails.

2. Take supplements.

If your nails are prone to easy breakage, you might need some extra supplements. Taking omega 3 and iron supplements and also including then in your diet will significantly improve the strength of your nails.

3. Gelatin trick.

Models and celebrities swear by this trick. Jell-o helps in firming up soft nails thereby strengthening them.

4. Moisturize regularly.

This is very, very important. Keep your moisturizer close to you, on your desk and in your handbag and make it a habit of using it regularly.

5. Press-on nails.

This is probably the best way to cover up damaged or chipped nails.