10 Shocking Ways You Didn’t Know You Could Get Pregnant

While many plans for a child, there are few, who are surprised when that pregnancy test reads positive. This is because they aren’t aware of the practices that they may have been led to believe were safe, but could still lead to pregnancy.

Shocking Ways You Didn’t Know You Could Get Pregnant

For most, getting pregnant seems pretty straightforward. You do the deed, and if the circumstances are right, out comes a baby nine months later. But, blame a lack of sex education from school or parents who were too embarrassed to discuss it, most of us have an abysmally poor understanding of sex and, more importantly, of safe sex. Many of us aren’t even aware that there are more than a few ways to make a baby—even if you’ve taken the necessary precautions. So, here are some of the shocking and surprising ways in which you could get pregnant. Read them to know!

1. From Anal Sex

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Yes, folks, it’s true. A woman can get pregnant during anal sex. To many couples, anal sex may seem like a safe way to have fun without having to worry about pregnancy. Though it is true for most of the cases, but there are still significant chances of becoming pregnant when you’re using the rear entrance. How can this be? There is a considerable possibility of ejaculated sperm coming in contact with the vaginal opening, posing a very real risk of pregnancy.

2. Having Sex During Periods

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Another way people try and prevent pregnancy, but often fail, is having sex during their period. Sex during periods can be fun, liberating, and great for your health if you are a woman, but it doesn’t mean that you are safe from getting knocked up. Studies show that a sperm can live inside you for up to five days following intercourse. That means if you have sex toward the end of your bleeding and you ovulate early, you could actually conceive. The chances are slight, but the possibility is there, so play it safe.

Bottom line: Getting pregnant while on your period is not an exception, but a pretty common occurrence, depending on the length of your cycle.

3. When You’re Already Pregnant

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This is strange and extremely rare. But happens and is called superfetation. If you have unprotected sex while you are already pregnant and continue ovulating, a second egg can get fertilized. This will lead to a second pregnancy.

4. During breastfeeding

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Another common misconception is that breastfeeding can act as a natural contraceptive and prevent pregnancy. It is true that breastfeeding suppresses ovulation, but this doesn’t mean that sex is entirely safe during this period. Having sex when you’re breastfeeding (obviously not at the same time), may leave you with the second baby within a year of the first. The fact that so many couples land up with a second child, soon after having a first should be proof enough!

5. Dry Humping

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Fooling around naked but avoiding penetration? While this form of foreplay may seem like a pretty great way to keep things innocent, dry humping can cause pregnancy, even if they’re wearing underwear. Though dry humping doesn’t include penetration or direct exchange of bodily fluids, even a trace of sperm making its way to the vaginal opening can give you a nasty surprise.

6. Not Leaving A Little Space

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There are a right and a wrong way to put that condom on. If you don’t leave enough free space in the condom to form a Santa like cap at the end, there’s a good chance that the condom will not expand enough to hold ejaculated sperm. As a result, it may cause the sperm to spill out the sides. Also, the condom may rip or it could simply slip off during the act.

Also, don’t rip the condom wrapper open with your teeth. This can put a teensy hole in the thing.

7. Pulling Out Early

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Some people believe that if a man does not ejaculate, it’s impossible to get pregnant, but this is untrue. Pregnancy can happen even if the penis is pulled out before ejaculation as the small amount of semen in the pre-ejaculation fluid can come into contact with the vagina. Pre-ejaculate fluid from the penis may not be loaded with sperm, but it can contain leftover sperm that will suffice to cause pregnancy.

8. When “Sticky” Fingers Penetrate Your Vagina

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Sperms can survive for up to 20 minutes outside of the body. This means that if you’ve been fooling around and he’s ‘handled’ himself before using his fingers to probe you, there’s a good chance that some of that sperm could make its way in to make you pregnant.

9. By Using Oil-based Lubes With Condoms

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Using certain kinds of lube can make condoms slightly less effective, causing the condom to weaken due to the fact that they can cause damage to the latex, creating tiny holes, which can grow larger and eventually snap. To be on the safe side, steer clear of oil or petroleum-based lube (like massage oils or mineral oil). Instead, opt for water-based ones.

Also, using older condoms increase your chance of pregnancy, so be sure that the condoms you’re using are up to date.

10. If you take the morning-after pill

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Emergency contraception decreases your chances of getting pregnant, but it cannot totally prevent you from getting pregnant. If the pill is taken within a 24-hour window, it is about 95% effective. However, your chances of success go way down after that.

So, be better prepared and don’t allow your carelessness to ruin your relationship and sex life with an unwanted pregnancy.